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April 21, 2015

Most Expensive Neighborhoods on Oahu

Oahu is known as one of the most beautiful places a person can live in due to it being paradise. But with that beauty, comes a price. The most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu offer views, amenities, amazing homes and so much more. If you are looking to spend a little more, but also receive a little more, take a look at these neighborhoods:


Kahala is located near the eastern end of Diamond Head. When one thinks of luxury in Oahu, this might just be the first neighborhood that comes to mind. The real estate market is extremely expensive, but that money gives some of the best oceanfront views on any island. The homes are far enough away from downtown to be quiet and comfortable, but it is only a few minutes to drive to get to any stores and restaurants that you want. This is definitely the place for anyone who has a little extra money to spend for an opulent lifestyle.

Black Point

This gated community is often overlooked because it is very small and located on a peninsular. However, most people never get there because everyone is very private. This is definitely the place to go if you want peace, quiet, and seclusion. There is still some great beach real estate here, and the views are breathtaking, especially at night.


For those who like the best of both worlds: oceans and beautiful greenery, Lanikai is one of the premiere areas to set up a home. This area is somewhat small, coming in at only 0.5 miles, but it is known for having amazing beaches. This area is known for beautiful water views, but also the views of the Mokulua Islands. Finally, this area is very, very calm with a sense of tranquility and a “slower” lifestyle.

Hawaii Loa Ridge

Hawaii isn’t always known for its gated communities, but Hawaii Loa Ridge is the one you will want to live in if you want to have it all. This community is about 15 minutes away from downtown, but also offers some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean. Even better, this neighborhood is the best for those who want to live an active lifestyle. On a daily basis, you will be able to see hikers up and down the Hawaii Loa Ridge.

Beachside, Kailua

If you want to ensure that you won’t have to deal with tourists and their screaming children, Beachside is the perfect place. These luxury homes come with private access beaches of the Kailua Bay, meaning no one can just hop onto the beach. However, that does not mean that the area is lacking in amenities or special little things that make it relaxed and luxurious. Still, it will feel homey and you definitely won’t have to worry about any snobbish behavior - a lack of outsiders really brings this community together!

No matter where you go in Oahu, luxury and serenity will go hand in hand. However, living in some of these neighborhoods on Oahu will definitely cost you more than others.

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April 1, 2015

New Development Coming to Kakaako

Look for a new development to pop up near 803 Waimanu St. in Kakaako in 2017! MJF Development Corp has plans for a seven-story building on the 21,200-square-feet of land. They plan for it to have 153 market-priced condominiums that range anywhere from studios to two-bedroom residences. The area will also have 92 parking stalls and some outdoor space.

The project was approved by the Hawaii Community Development authority about a year ago, and construction is scheduled to start this year. It is scaled down from another proposal that the company submitted. That same company also has another project in the works, an affordable 180-condo building called “Ohana Hale.” Here, 60% of the units will be affordably priced, or for those households that earn 100-120% of the median income for the area.

There has been no word yet on when any of these residences will be released onto the market. If you’re interested in moving to Kakaako, click here to see some of the latest condos for sale in the area. Also if you have questions about any of the new developments going on in the area, you can contact us so we can answer your questions.

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March 30, 2015

New Lofts Coming to McCully

Hauoli Lofts in the Moiliili-McCully area of Honolulu is the first condominium project from local developer Centre City Development LLC. This $6.5 million project will be a nine-unit condominium located at 917 Hauli Street. The building is set to start this spring and should be complete by late winter/early spring 2016.

This project, with its three units per four and short stature, will work in opposition to the high rises that line Kakaako. Starting at $697,000, the units themselves will still be of the luxurious quality that those in the high rises have: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 19-foot ceiling, and contemporary metal work set off the living areas. The second level will have private rooftop lanais and landscaping work. Most of the materials will come from local companies.

KFG Properties is the firm that is handling all questions and sales on the units. There will be an open house on Sunday from 2 to 5 PM at 2065 South King St. in Suite 303.

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March 30, 2015

New Kakaako Condo Approved with Added Bonus: Whole Foods

There has been some exciting news announced for Kakaako: a new condo and a Whole Foods store! The developers at Ward Centers announced that as of Wednesday, they will officially be building their sixth residential tower of 22 proposed towers that will cover 60 acres in Kakaako. The Howard Hughes Corporation gained approval from the Hawaii Community Development Authority, which means the project can proceed without any major obstacles. The approved building will be comprised of 38 stories with about 466 condominium units. The entire tower will be attached to a 55,000 square foot Whole Foods store at the intersection of Queen and Kamakee Streets. The tower is also in walking distance to the Ward Centers movie theater. Expected to be done in 2018, and costing an estimated $390, this project will bring some new resources and diverse living and eating options to the area.

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Dec. 27, 2014

Park Lane Ala Moana Pricing

You’ll need to put up between $1 million and at least $20 million to get one of the luxury condos being built at Ala Moana Center. The project, called Park Lane, is being developed by the Kobayashi Group, The MacNaughton Group, and BlackSand Capital and is being built at the old parking area of Ala Moana and will be located near the new Bloomingdale’s that is also getting built. The design actually came from a competition and brought in 93 different floor plan options to choose from. 

For the money, residents will get sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean in one of the seven eight-story buildings that are 100 feet tall and have 215 units each. The average unit will be from 850 square feet to a whopping 6,000 square feet. Residents will also enjoy residential parking and amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and storage facilities. The aim of the developers is to have a family like feel that will allow for residents to be a community instead of just neighbors. There will be many areas where people will be able to get together, including a great lawn. Monthly maintenance fees for the one commercial unit are estimated to be a little more than $7,500 a month. Construction is expected to be completed in 2016.

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Dec. 14, 2014

Tips for Moving to Hawaii

Moving anywhere can be troublesome, with there being the potential of losing things, unexpected problems, and just the sheer amount of “stuff” you probably have stored up. Moving to Hawaii for some can be even more difficult because you are essentially switching to a whole other lifestyle. It is important to know what you’re getting yourself into and how to prepare for the move. Here are some of the best tips:

1. You will be living on an island. If it isn’t clear, you are going to be surrounded by water, without the ease of travelling into another state for a change of scenery. Sometimes, it can feel a little isolated and stagnant. Everything here is different, so you won’t be able to easily find something that reminds you of home – this will all pass, so stick through it. It might be a good idea to bring rations of your favorite hometown foods for the first couple months; just in case you can't find it in Hawaii.

2. Find your new home. Think about a place like New York – Queens has a different feel than the Adirondack Region does, and Staten Island is completely different from Ithaca. Each island in Hawaii is different. When you come on vacation, or even to live, of course they are all welcoming, but which island is going to make you the most happy? Try Oahu if you want somewhere that is full of life – and tourism; or Kauai if you want somewhere that is a little slower. Try to visit some of the islands before you make the big decision.

3. What about those wheels? Hawaii does have public transport, but you will want a car to get around the island. Instead of shipping your car, which takes quite a bit of money, patience, and sometimes even luck, consider buying a used car on the island itself. This will cut down on shipping costs, and give you the chance to use your car less, and your legs a little more.

4. Your friends will visit. Looking for a two bedroom house for you and your child? Might want to add another bedroom or two to that list! When friends find out you have a house in Hawaii, they will immediately start looking for plane tickets to “stop in and see the place.” If you can’t afford more bedrooms, at least consider investing in a sofa bed.

5. It is going to cost more. Lets be honest, Hawaii is paradise – but it also costs a lot more to get that paradise. Everything from milk to gas and housing is going to cost you quite a bit more. You will have to learn to get by with just a little less, and to pinch your pennies a little more.

6. Consider fully furnished homes that cost a little more. Keeping in mind that cost of living is high, and shipping costs can be outrageously high, think about getting a place that is fully furnished. You can find these homes and apartments that have everything from the bed to the forks already there. It might cost a little more, but it will save you some serious headaches.

Moving is a hassle no matter where you go. However, at least with Hawaii you know what you will find: great weather, great people, and a perfect place to raise your family.

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Dec. 9, 2014

Developer Gets $100.7 Million in Financing for Hawaii Kai Rental Project

On Monday, the developers of the exclusive mid rise in Hawaii Kai publicized that they had secured the $100.7 million financing they need to carry on and complete the project. The 3.8 acre area is one of the last piece of land available in the East Oahu neighborhood, making it extremely lucrative. With 269-units, the development which is named 7000 Hawaii Kai, had trouble securing financing and continuing on with the project after a few setbacks. This new development will feature views of the Hawaii Kai Marina and should be completed in the Summer of 2016. A previous plan by Avalon Group was to make 242 condominiums, but that stalled out in October.

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Dec. 9, 2014

Kapiwai sustainable luxury subdivision sells out first phase

In the first phase, the 24-home sustainable luxury subdivision Kapiwai has sold all of its units. They firm is now taking contracts on seven units in phase two that are of different sizes. Units exist at all price points, but they will be gone by late January. The development plans to marry luxury living and sustainable practices.

The project in Downtown Honolulu has an average selling point of $1.6 million. Most purchasers are young professionals including executives, owners of businesses, doctor, and other professionals. One resident of note is U.S. Magistrate Judge Kevin Chang.

The area is currently working on a private road, and has some of the best security features available, making it ideal for those who need a little bit of privacy. It offers those who live there the ability to be close to the entertainment and amenities of Downtown Honolulu, but still have the piece and serenity of being close to nature.

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Sept. 25, 2014

Tips for Hawaii First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time can be confusing and overwhelming if you don’t have anyone around to help you out. It can even be tricky if there is someone around to help you. People are trying to make sales and commission, so what they have to say might not always be in your best interests. Here are some compiled tips about buying your first home:

How long will you be here?

Are you and your significant other planning to have children? How many? Will you be taking care of elderly relatives? Maybe you want your house to be an entertainment center for the next couple of years before you move onto your next home. When or if you decide to move, how will that home resell? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on a home. Thinking ahead can save you money in the long run and can help make your life easier.

What do you want?

Buying a home can be emotional for everyone. If you are purchasing a house with someone else, some of that emotion can come from negotiating what you want in the house. Maybe you want to have a pool, but your partner wants a huge gardening area and you BOTH want a grand foyer and you can’t find any houses that match those requirements. You will have to bargain, and you will have to decide what is most important. If you make a list, make sure to order the features of the house to give to your realtor.

Learn about the neighborhood:

This is especially important if you plan on having children. Will it be safe for your child to play outside? Will there be children of similar ages? Are there parks nearby? You may also want to check out the average ages of the other people – if you live in or near a college town, make sure the homes aren’t owned by fraternities or sororities unless you want loud weekends. You might also want to find out about things like flooding, weather patterns, earthquakes, and hail storms. All of these things can make not only home insurance, but car insurance double because you are in an unsettled area.

Check the Nooks and Crannies:

When people go to sell their home, they put a lot of work into making it seem like a great place to live – and it might be! However, there can also be many “quick fixes” and “smoke and mirrors” at play. Look around, and look closely at things like outlets, walls, foundations, kitchens, and bathrooms. There may be some hidden catastrophes that will cost you in the long run.

Overall, it is important to just go with your instincts and buy what you know will be a great home for yourself and for your family. Research is so important to the home buying process, and will help determine if it is a successful purchase or one to regret.

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Sept. 20, 2014

Policy Change Improves FHA Borrowing

There have been widespread reports that the FHA will eliminate the prepayment penalty starting in 2015. The National Association of Realtors has been after this move for quite a while because it will relieve borrowers of a financial hit and may also bring the agency’s policies and procedures near other federal agencies that backstop mortgages. It will also align policies with the qualified mortgage rule (QRM) to define was a safe home mortgage loan is.

The interest rate charge is now eliminated – FHA borrowers who pay off their mortgages before the end of the month will no longer be susceptible to the charges of the remaining days. The policy will take effect on January 21, 2015. There are still issues to work on, however. The FHA and NAR need to work on their policies on condominium financing. Far too many condo projects are not getting the stamp of approval that they need to get FHA financing.

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